Linguist, Analyst, Researcher


Speech perception experiments: see e.g. Tyler 2014 for details
Designed speech stimuli with prosodic contrasts: sound files with rising vs. falling pitch
Synthesized intonational contrasts in Praat. Sample contrasting rising vs. falling pitch:
Recruited participants via Amazon Mechanical Turk
Automated online survey construction via Qualtrics, over 10x faster

Speech production experiments: see e.g. Tyler 2013 for details
Developed materials for reading aloud
Recruited participants through local networks
Automatically extracted acoustic measurements (duration, pitch, intensity) with a Praat script
Converted discourse annotations to statistical variables, built statistical models

Corpus analyses (large data sets): see e.g. Manuscript for details
Annotated tokens of rising pitch from a corpus
Extracted acoustic measurements with a Praat script
Built statistical models (linear mixed effects models in R)
Graphic visualizations of results
Annotated tokens of semantic contrast and prosodic features